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Create/restructure more innovative, profitable, and efficient business models for your organization.


Your idea transformed into a business model in 15 days

At SPARK, we take a hands-on approach to business modeling.We help a business project the same way we help a product/service project. Combining Design Thinking best practices, we facilitate the ideation of a business model truly centered on your target audience and with the help of partners and technology tools, we more dynamically carry out a comprehensive research on the market, competition, and best practices. of the segment it intends to operate.
Our focus is on helping you and your team outline dominant business models, identify opportunities to innovate, and accelerate the ideation and testing process of new ideas for your business. you. Our joint analysis of new products/services created is followed by assessment/testing exercises of the created business model. So, by trying out different prototypes, we also try out different business models and improve the process of choosing the best model to implement.

Our business model innovation program detailed below.

  • Phase 1 - Understanding

    Goal: understand your market, and identify unknowns that need to be further researched● Identify dominant business models and most important long-held beliefs that can be disrupted● Understand the numbers, KPIs and benchmarks behind your industry, market and business● Identify the most important trends and how they will change your industry● Identify the important things you don't know about the industry that you will need to ask during stakeholder interviews

  • Phase 2 - Ideation

    Goals: 3-5 distinct business models that might work for your business● Translating old beliefs into opportunities for disruption (opposite thinking for BMs)● Identify the business models you can operate (business model flowchart)● Idealize the capabilities of your new business model with ideation exercises designed for your project

  • Phase 3 - Modeling your business

    Purpose: Structure your newly created business models and uncover underlying assumptions● Mode your newly created business model with value tradeoffs (using the business model canvas) to make it concrete● Summarize the most important aspects of your business model and identify underlying assumptions

  • Phase 4 - Assessment of the business model created

    Objective: Find out if the business model you created has a chance of survival in the real world● Identify your biggest challenges potentially under an operational business model that you can start testing immediately● Estimate the cost of acquisition (COA) and lifetime value (LTV) of your customers. Find out how it will affect your business.● Build your model and understand your upcoming scaling challenges in advance so you can start testing right away● Identify and select, based on your model, what are the unique examples and features of well-designed business models, go-to-market strategies, scaling techniques, and things to keep in mind as you move forward


Difficult to work face to face?

We collaborate with national and international teams, without the need for air tickets or accommodation. We can perform all the work online using digital tools handpicked for this situation. Contact us to learn more.


What is Business Design for?


In the early stages of new business model ideation, we will help you map your industry and identify the most dominant business models. This will help us to identify new innovation opportunities that may be ready to be applied in the new model. Plus, we'll help you get to know the numbers behind your industry. You will understand exactly what you need to know about the market in which you will operate.


Most teams run the first business model created. We are true fans of generating new ideas because we know the importance of dedicating time to creating innovative models.Most teams run the first business model created. We are true fans of generating new ideas because we know the importance of taking the time to create innovative models.

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Ideas are great. But if they stay on post-its, they tend not to get out of paper. When creating a new business model, we use modeling techniques that will help you to structure the most important aspects of your company.
This will help you think through the necessary features of the business model and discover critical assumptions to test.


Many business models that are just imagined and created don't make sense simply because "the accounts don't close (or have a very low chance of closing in the future).
During our assessment session, we'll help you challenge your new business model to see if it has a chance of surviving in the real world.

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Business Design

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