Ideas Lab

Together with you and your team, we will create a prototype of your idea and test it in a real environment together with your potential customers. Understand how they see your business and react to a new product or service. Reduce uncertainty in launching your idea.


Save time and money with better decisions about your ideas.

The Ideas Lab is a program where entrepreneurs and companies can produce, and test their ideas to see if they will work as a product or service and reduce uncertainty to increase the chances of success.We help you turn your business idea into something real, putting it in touch with potential customers and seeing how they react to it.Our designers and innovation experts offer a unique way to give your idea the boost it needs. They will work with you and your team to develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of your product or service idea, including all the research methodology, organization of information, and insights after it is presented in a test environment. No matter what stage your idea is at, we will work with you to ensure it is validated and becomes the best option to turn into a business.

Our detailed Ideas Lab program

  • Phase 1 - Empathize and map the problem

    ● Choice of team● Definition of trial rounds● Map your challenge and problem● Leverage existing knowledge● Interviews with potential customers● Proto-persona creation and definition of customer gains, pains, and jobs

  • Phase 2 - Ideation and target definition

    ● Customer/Service Journey Mapping● Definition of hypotheses to be tested● Communication and branding concept development

  • Phase 3 - Prototyping

    ● Definition of prototyping tools● Define team prototyping roles● Rapid prototyping session● Minimum Viable Product Testing (MVP)● Training and preparation for customer interviews● Interview test performed with the prototype

  • Step 4 - Testing and Validation

    ● Interviews● Real-time interview information collection by the team● Analysis of the Interview Insights Team● Reflect on ideas in relation to the original questions● Validate hypotheses and assumptions● Planning of next steps or a new round of experiments


Difficult to work face to face?

We collaborate with national and international teams, without the need for air tickets or accommodation. We can perform all the work online using digital tools handpicked for this situation. Contact us to learn more.


What is the Idea Lab for?


Accelerate your key strategic projects by getting your ideas off the ground through a structured process and dedicated team support


Customer/service journeys are a critical tool to ensure your solution makes sense in the overall context of your target customer. Understand how a customer interacts with your product or service, tracing touchpoints, influencers, and other relevant stakeholders.


We help your company along the way to build an experiment environment where you and your team can perform tests to validate or invalidate assumptions, reducing the amount of time, money, and risk.



Our team will help you and your team to transform these important insights extracted from the tests into opportunities to innovate and improve your idea to turn it into a viable and scalable business.

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Ideas Lab

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