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Whatever your innovation challenge, count on experienced experts to help you maximize your company's growth potential.


Work together with an expert to accelerate your company's results

When we face innovation challenges and business problems, it's always good to have the help of someone who knows the subject, and having the right partner in times like this can make a big difference for any startup or company.At times like these, having someone who has expertise in customer development, buying journeys, business modeling, and identifying gaps in the market can help you and your business move and grow faster. Count on an innovation specialist allocated to your company to help you and your team accelerate even more your innovation demands and projects.
We provide you with a co-owner (or a "rental partner" as we prefer to call it internally) who will be part of your team working together one to four days a week. Our consultants work with you in the day-to-day of your company in person or remotely; accelerating the development of your strategy and transforming it into clear actions, ensuring a measurable effect on your customers' behavior and on your sales.

Our detailed Strategic Partner program

  • Phase 1 - Empathize and map the problem

    ● Definition of work schedule and team● Defining the long-term objective of the work● Challenge and Problem Mapping●  Leverage existing knowledge● Interviews with customer and stake holder issues

  • Phase 2 - Ideation and target definition

    ● Customer/Service Journey Mapping● Define the right problem to solve● Lightning demos of existing solutions● Creative ideation rounds (application of brainstorming tools)

  • Phase 3 - Selection of ideas and concept/strategy development

    ● Criticize, refine, and group ideas● Idea selection process● Converging the best ideas, features, and functionality● Concept/strategy/actions development● Concept/strategy impact map development

  • Phase 4 - Prototyping

    ● Prototype and training tool palette● Define team prototyping roles● Rapid prototyping session● Minimum Viable Product Testing (MVP)● Training and interview preparation● Interview test carried out with the prototype of the chosen concepts

  • Phase 5 - Testing, validation and strategic map

    ● Customer interviews● Real-time interview information collection by the team● Analysis of the Interview Insights Team● Validate hypotheses and assumptions● Synthesis of learnings● Building a strategic map of feasible and executable actions


Difficult to work face to face?

We collaborate with national and international teams, without the need for air tickets or accommodation. We can perform all the work online using digital tools handpicked for this situation. Contact us to learn more.


What is the Strategic Partner for?


You start by defining the right problems, designing and selecting, and prototyping to collect validated information for B2B and B2C projects, including analysis of the insights gained.


Your innovation specialist will bring deep knowledge and comprehensive experiences to help your company innovate like a startup. With combined expertise in Design Thinking, Service Design, Lean Startup, and Business Model Innovation, he will help you and your team validate your innovative concepts to ensure only the most promising progress.


We'll help you test existing solutions, create different approaches to potential customers, and test potential strategies and ideas through real-world prototypes.


Accelerate key strategic projects and validate those that will drive your business growth.

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Strategic Partner

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