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Find new ways to create value and generate revenue for your business through business model innovation.


Business Model Canvas Training

Research shows that business model innovation can create up to 25 times a competitive advantage than a more traditional approach to creating products and processes. However, only 17% of companies analyzed their business model and compared it to the competition. It's time to shift focus to what's most important. Today, more and more people are talking about business model innovation, looking to successful examples like Nespresso and Google.
But what exactly is business model innovation? How can your organization benefit from this and how do you get started? Get practical answers and instant inspiration in this 2-day training program.
Business model innovation training is ideal for professionals who want to work on new (disruptive) products and services in any company:● Business developers● Product Managers● Innovation Managers● Intrapreneurs● Marketing Professionals● Interns
Um programa de treinamento de 2 dias na empresaO treinamento de inovação do modelo de negócios é um programa de 2 dias focado na criatividade e geração de ideias.

Our in-depth Business Model Canvas training

  • Day 1 - Creativity and Idea Generation

    Objectives: to exercise the creation of viable business models
    Contents:● What is and why business model innovation- Inspiring examples of successful startups and corporations- How entire industries are changing- What is a business model?- How is this relevant to us?● Creativity tools for business models- Overview of different techniques- Business template kit- In-depth case analysis
    Learnings:● Translating old beliefs into innovation opportunities● Identify the business models you can operate● Idealize the capabilities of a new business model with ideation exercises

  • Day 2 - Modeling and Validation

    Purpose: Structure your newly created business models and uncover underlying assumptions
    Contents:● Business model patterns- What patterns can we learn from?- Freemium, broker, ad-based templates, and more- Business model cocktails: how stable industries are changing● Interactive workshop and pitching session (sales pitch)- Design of new business models (in groups): concept evaluation (acid test)- Presenting the results- Rounding session
    Learnings:● Create a business model with a clear value proposition (using the business model canvas) to make it concrete● Summarize the most important aspects of the business model created and identify underlying assumptions● Identify evaluation criteria, critical success points● Develop and present the Business Model pitch created


Difficult to participate in person?

We can run all training online using digital tools handpicked for this situation. Contact us to learn more.


What to expect from Business Model Canvas Training


Participants will be inspired by many examples, methodologies and will come away with a new form of creative thinking that will increase their performance.

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Participants will use practical tools that will help them generate new business models. Using tools on real business challenges, we ensure the mindset and methodologies carry over into the ongoing business.

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Business Model Canvas Training

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