Give your team the tools to accelerate your company's innovation and growth. We empower people through processes to be able to create any solution that transforms a business.

Overview of our trainings

Expand your company's innovation capabilities

In a world where technology and external factors make the business environment increasingly uncertain, a new way of working is more than necessary in this rapidly changing world. Bring a design-oriented culture to your company that puts the customer at the center of every decision. When we are able to understand customer needs and direct our efforts to satisfy them, we gain a very important competitive edge.
Together with you, we design training programs tailored to your needs on topics such as; service design, business model innovation, how to apply design thinking to your organization, and much more.


Our training

We facilitate innovation processes together with entrepreneurs and their teams to put new products,
services and business models on the market at more speed and less risk.


Design Thinking Training

Learn how to use a creative, human-centric problem-solving approach to create products and services that are more relevant and attractive to your customers.


Design Sprint Training

Respond faster to your critical business questions; dramatically accelerating your ability to generate new ideas and creativity for your business.


Business Model Canvas Training

Find new ways to create value and generate revenue for your business through business model innovation.


Business Prototyping

Learn to create prototypes for your business. Understand how to launch innovative ideas using prototypes and develop your skills to get your idea off the ground, creating your own prototype.


Difficult to participate in person?

We can run all training online using digital tools handpicked for this situation. Contact us to learn more.


What to expect from our trainings

A new way of working

Start the next day with a different mindset and approach for your team.

Tools for innovation

Get practical tools that you and your team can start using right away.

Practice experience

A business challenge for your team where they will learn in practice everything that is being taught.

Ready to empower your team for your innovation challenges?


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