Design Thinking Training

Learn how to use a creative, human-centric problem-solving approach to create products and services that are more relevant and attractive to your customers.


Design Thinking Training for companies.

The idea of ​​this workshop is to offer a new look at the challenges that traditional companies usually face to try to increase their chances of anticipating changes, experimenting with Design Thinking as a method of developing creative and innovative solutions focused on the human being to improve performance. of your business.
Why Design Thinking?The Design Thinking approach allows us a different way of thinking and seeking solutions to complex problems, moving away from the question-answer pattern and focusing on people's real needs.
Our workshop will work in a practical way, mainly on the importance of:● Research with Empathy, to understand in depth who your customer is;● Creation of the persona, to relate with your customer in a positive and effective way;● Customer journey, as a way of understanding their actions, relationships, and interactions with the company.

The Design Thinking process


Our in-depth Design Thinking training

  • Day 1 - Understanding and Ideation

    On this day, SPARK goes through the first 2 phases of Design Thinking and shows how you and your team can empathize and create more effective innovations with a human-centered approach. We ended up exploring inspiring case studies in Design Thinking cases.
    Learnings:● Understand the basics of Design Thinking● Customer-centric mindset● Tools for ideation and application during the process

  • Day 2 - Prototyping and Testing

    On this day, you will learn by doing! On the first day, we focused on exploring the problematic phase of Design Thinking. Participants experience what it means to actively empathize with customers and generate valuable information and learn practical ideation techniques. On the second day, there is a strong focus on prototyping and testing, where participants will bring their ideas to life and learn hands-on how to test them.
    Learnings:● Tools and techniques for prototyping● Ideas testing techniques and interviews with potential customers/users-● Understanding experimentation● Tangible experiences● Feedback from the test user base

  • Day 3 - Sales Pitch

    Now that you have your finalized solution, it's time to share it with the rest of your team or any other leadership involved in the project. SPARK will guide your team in the preparation of your presentation and pitch (sales pitch).
    Learnings:● Canvas for storytelling● Tangible experiences of structuring and presenting the idea developed● Leadership feedback on the solution


Difficult to participate in person?

We can run all training online using digital tools handpicked for this situation. Contact us to learn more.


What to expect from Design Thinking Training


Inspire your team about Design Thinking methodologies, with proven cases and a complete set of tools.


Establish a customer/user-centric mindset in your team to ensure your products and services meet your customers' needs.



Take a structured approach to discovering your customers' needs.


Learn to extract and organize your insights to decide and plan for customer needs that deserve to be met.

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Design Thinking Training

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