Customer Insights

Get a deeper understanding of your customers' pains and needs, design purchase/service journeys, and create new solutions for your business.


A 3-week immersion in the lives of your customers.

During our 3-week program, your team will learn, through hands-on analysis, the skills and mindset needed to extract the best from user research insights and data.Specifically, after the collection and decoupage of research data, they will design Personas, Customer Journeys, and Service Blue Prints through a three-phase research process: Empathy, Definition, and Testing. In our joint experience with our research partners, we have realized that asking the right questions and finding useful customer/user information are key challenges of a human-centric innovation process, especially for people who are not used to working with people. the client. During these four weeks, our facilitators and our research partner will be by your side to help you better adjust your team's and your company's perception of the real needs of your customers and how they interact with your product/service, helping to identify of unresolved pain, friction points and identifying opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Our detailed Customer Insights program

  • Week 1 - Empathize and map the problem

    ● Note● Immersion● Engagement

  • Week 2 - Definition

    ● Persona creation● Extraction and organization of insights● Creation of Customer Journey / Service Blue Print

  • Week 3 - Insights

    ● Identification of opportunities● Ideation of possible solutions


Difficult to work face to face?

We collaborate with national and international teams, without the need for air tickets or accommodation. We can perform all the work online using digital tools handpicked for this situation. Contact us to learn more.


What is Customer Insights for?

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Quantitative research is great for understanding the size of the challenge, but to gain a deeper understanding of these challenges (and why they arise in the first place), running qualitative research is essential to help you tackle critical business decisions. from the user's point of view.


Through user/customer story synthesis, we'll help you and your team identify key insights that offer a human, rather than a technological or commercial, look to address the challenge at hand and build personas based on those user/customer-driven insights.


Our team will help you and your team to transform these important insights extracted from research into innovation opportunities and ensure alignment with key business priorities.

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Customer Insights

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