Fruit and Vegetable Store delivery in 15 days

Creation of a business model, communication strategy, virtual store, and delivery app for fruits and vegetables during the pandemic.


Create and launch a new business from scratch
during COVID-19 in 15 days!

The Coronavirus has made companies have to adapt to a new reality. One of which was to engage with their customers in a more digital environment and create and adapt new buying and service journeys.
Our challenge in this project was, in addition to the short space of time, to implement a new complete business model (including branding and launch strategy), in a very high-standard region (Alphaville - São Paulo - Brazil), using prior knowledge of the entrepreneur about Fruits and Vegetable commercialization and its consumers, but in a digital environment and with limited funds.



Putting the customer at the center of all initiatives and using a "white label" platform to accelerate digital transformation


Spark contributed to the creation, elaboration, and launch of the entire business based on an App / Web Store for the delivery of vegetables and fruits; all this done in 15 days. We use innovation tools and the concept of Open Innovation to help a small business owner accelerate the launch of his business in Alphaville (a high-end region in São Paulo) at the beginning of the Corona Virus. A very specific persona was created that was essential in building the entire purchase and service journey of the app. This helped our client understand all the friction points that were involved in launching and operating the produce during the pandemic, helping to accelerate business traction.

Persona and buyer and service journeys

Speed ​​and assertiveness in the business creationHaving previous purchase habits as a reference and our customer's experience, we went to the field to collect more information that could enrich the construction of the Persona and its purchase journey. For us, the journey is not just a mapping of the obstacles that the customer will face to acquire a product/service. It also helped us to reduce the main points of friction in the operation by mapping and including in the business model, items, services, and essential assets so that the entire operation of Hortifruti took place (in a physical and digital environment) without problems.


Communication and marketing strategy

Persona drove our communication strategyOur Persona study led us to look for a unique image that could be applied in various media and allowed us to directly convey the values ​​that were important to customers in the search for this type of service/product. By replicating at points of contact that would be key to encouraging the experimentation of fresh produce, we optimized the marketing budget and ensured that the message created to sell the business was more efficient.



● Increase in business launch speed● Communication guides for the marketing department● Branding and communication● Robust technology and few bugs● App made on a white-label platform with Cash-back feature (refund)● Price control with artificial intelligence● Uniform + promotional material● Products designed to make the customer's day-to-day easier


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