Marketing strategy acceleration

We use Design Thinking to accelerate the creation of new marketing strategies and reposition the use of the product for different personas


Marketing strategy repositioningand communication involving different buyer personas.

The Design Thinking process made it possible to develop the solution from the intersection of strategic information extracted from the personas createdOften companies have products with multiple functionalities and features. However, the marketing and communication strategy focuses only on a specific benefit, restricting the target audience and consequently limiting sales. Realizing this, WokGrill (a home appliance manufacturer) decided it needed to reshape its sales strategy.
In this project, Spark remodeled the relationship between brand/product and consumer. Together with our client, we create a communication and marketing strategy aimed at specific personas of a product whose characteristics change according to the occasion of use. The main challenge was to create multiple personas from the analysis of data from the CRM and sales areas to generate a new strategy with approaches closer to the reality of consumers.



Use of Design Thinking to define Buyer Personas and accelerate the communication repositioning strategy.



Mapping processes, suppliers, and strategyThe project started with the description and evaluation of current practices of communication, marketing, sales, and on habits of use of the product by consumers who came in contact through service channels and social networks.

Afterward, a workshop was conducted with multidisciplinary groups from the company and its suppliers in order to enrich the process of creating the solution. Thus, it was possible to map the business processes of the teams involved, the strategies applied and the new uses of the product that the marketing department and other strategic partners of the company were not exploring in the communication with the customer.

Subsequently, the data obtained were consolidated into a general purchase journey, covering the entire communication and sales operation from a holistic view of the use of the product for different meal preparation occasions.

Persona and customer journeys

Grouping and organizing purchase and usage informationThe persona development method is a tool widely used during the Design Thinking process. In this process, profiles were created with needs, habits, desires, and particular characteristics that synthesized behaviors observed from the analysis of the database, groupings of information, and practices for using the product.
In order to define the different consumer profiles and generate the personas, it was necessary to group information and similar cases into product usability profiles. This grouping was based on the reason that led the consumer to use the product in their daily lives and its relationship with the preparation of daily meals and on special occasions.
We also seek to complete our analysis and creation by researching complaints, information requests, feedback, e-commerce, and audience responses to other past promotions. The result was the development of specific personas that revealed to us the reason for their use of the product, needs and pains to be solved in the preparation of their daily meals.
In addition, we developed a broader purchase journey that could serve as a basis for developing new marketing and communication strategies.



A/B testing of adsIn order to test the new marketing and communication strategies, a series of advertisements in different formats and appeals to specific benefits and uses of the product were developed during Black Friday. Based on the results, it was possible to evaluate and refine the strategic communication solution for different personas until reaching a more suitable format.


New marketing and communication strategiesThe personas developed made it possible to identify distinct characteristics of the use of the product and to develop differentiated communication and relationship strategies for each group created. In this way, the actions and the product gained more relevance to the varied demands of consumers while increasing the efficiency of the use of the appliance.


Iteration and Adjustments

As a conclusion of the project, in addition to the creation of a new promotional calendar and marketing strategy, a curatorship and indication of new partners for communication and support to the department were carried out. of marketing and sales. Satisfied with the work carried out by SPARK, the client asked us to be part of this process of choosing new partners and supporting the company's strategic repositioning.



● Increased speed in setting up and creating a new marketing campaignCreation of Multiple personas based on product usage● Communication guides for the marketing department● Buying journey and new communication channels● Prototyping and hypothesis testing● Recommendation and selection of new partners● Creation of a new promotional calendar based on the personas developed


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