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Respond faster to your critical business questions; dramatically accelerating your ability to generate new ideas and creativity for your business.


Design Sprint Training for companies.

The Design Sprint is an “express” innovation process where a group of people meet for 5 days to answer critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with users. The process was developed and announced by Google Ventures, an arm of Google focused on testing and accelerating ideas that are still at an early stage of development.
The main advantage:In this 5-day process compared to so many other methodologies out there, he takes a very advantageous shortcut: instead of waiting to launch an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to find out if the idea is good or not, a process that can take several months, the Design Sprint specifically focuses on validating the idea with users and shortens the process to 40 hours of work.
This training is ideal for any team that wants to generate new innovative ideas for products and services in a short amount of time.● Business Developers● Product Managers● Innovation Managers● Intrapreneurs● Marketing Professionals● Interns

Design Sprint Process


Our in-depth Design Sprint training

  • Day 1 - Mapping

    Learn to empathize and map a problem.Day one is all about picking a target, so you can start with the end goal in mind.
    Learnings:● Set a long-term goal● Map the challenge and problem - Leverage existing knowledge● Customer interviews to identify pain/problems● Set "How might we...?"

  • Day 2 - Sketches

    Learn Ideation Techniques and Sprint Target Problem DefinitionOn the second day, you will start to come up with new ideas and solutions that will solve your customers' problems, seeking to draw inspiration from different sectors and implement it in your challenge.
    Learnings:● Map the customer journey● Define the right problem to solve● Learn to make Lightning Demos of created solutions● Use creative ideation techniques (Thinking by Analogy, Brain writing, Trends and Factors, Triggers, Opposite Thinking, and more)

  • Day 3 - Decision

    Learn the development of a concept and its selectionDay 3 is all about selecting your ideas and choosing the best ones to take forward.
    Learnings:● Critical thinking, refining, and grouping ideas● Ideas selection process● Converging the best ideas, features, and functionality● Development of concept card (Concept Board) - Storyboard Prototyping

  • Day 4 - Prototyping

    Learn to bring your idea to lifeDay four is about making your ideas tangible as quickly, cheaply, and easily as possible. It's not about creating a prototype that looks like your final product. It's about testing the core values ​​of your ideas the fastest way.
    Learnings:● Knowledge of prototype tools and techniques● Define team prototyping roles● Rapid prototyping session● How to test M.V.P (Minimum Viable Product)● Training and preparation for problem interviews● Interview test performed with the prototype

  • Day 5 - Test

    Learn to test and validate your ideaOn the last day of the sprint program, you will test your prototypes with 5-10 end users. Validate the assumptions you've made throughout the week and gather input and feedback to iterate on your product.
    Learnings:● Interviews with 5 to 10 customers● Real-time interview information collection by the team● Team analysis of insights gathered in interviews● Reflect on ideas in relation to the original sprint questions● Validate hypotheses and assumptions● Plan next steps after Sprint


Difficult to participate in person?

We can run all training online using digital tools handpicked for this situation. Contact us to learn more.


What to Expect from Design Sprint Training


We take participants out of their comfort zones to explore the uncharted business territories that will be the norm in the future. Teams will learn to let go of their biases and adopt a Design Sprint mindset. In this workshop, participants must challenge their thinking processes and discover new ways to generate new ideas, prototypes and carry out tests in a short space of time.


Participants will come away with new perspectives that will enhance their creative performance. They will deeply understand the world of their customers/users and acquire a variety of innovation tools to generate new solutions and business ideas. The objective of the training is to focus on customers/users and their problems and question the way you and your team think about the innovation process.



Take a structured approach to discovering your customers' needs.


Learn to extract and organize your insights to decide and plan for customer needs that deserve to be met.

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Design Sprint Training

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